“Waste your time being gorgeous – not drunk”

Partyguerilla stands for responsible consumption of alcoholic beverages. It is important that the alcohol sponsored for private events is consumed in moderation. The provided alcohol is limited and will be issued on the basis of the recommended per capita consumption.

Don’t mess with a hangover

Here are 5 Tips for you to be fit at the next morning and be able to attend the lecture after the legendary party.

Never drink on an empty stomach

By Food intake the absorption of alcohol is slowed down. Which means you can longer celebrate with a clear head.

Keep Track!

Be aware of the alcohol refill, you will loose the overview and cannot estimate how many glasses of alcohol you have consumed.

Girls watch out! Alcohol affects women differently than men!

Women burn the alcohol more slowly than men and keep it longer in the body. Among other things weight is an important factor. Men generally weigh more and have a higher percentage of liquid content; the blood alcohol is usually lower in comparison with women.

Drink enough water!

Alcohol suppresses a hormone so you have to go to the toilet more often. The result is a dehydrated body, which contribute to a hangover. This manifests itself in the form of headache, dizziness, tremor, dry mouth and thirst. To prevent these side effects you should drink water during the party.

Hangover Breakfast

On the next morning it is advisable to eat salty things. Pickled cucumbers, broth, pretzel sticks and herring salad help your body to replace the lost salt. Among other things, honey contributes to the reduction of alcohol.

Don’t think so

A cold shower helps to reduce alcohol! WRONG!

You may increase well-being, but can not affect blood alcohol.

Alcohol can be sweated out. WRONG!

Sports and other physical activities do not accelerate the reduction of alcohol.